Thank you for helping to promote our Los Angeles Walk taking place on August 28th


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Waiting Room Digital Flyer – This localized flyer is great for waiting room monitors or other digital displays in your office that are patient-facing.

Digital Display Ads and Banners – For use on office or hospital websites, please direct click through traffic to moveformds.org.

Social Media Posts – Images for social media posts and suggested copy is included. Please help us spread the word via your social media channels! Please tag us at @mdsfoundation (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook), and when possible, link to moveformds.org.

Video Promo Clip – For use on digital displays, websites or social media channels. Please tag us at @mdsfoundation (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook), and when possible, link to moveformds.org.  You can watch the YouTube video below, and use the Share option at the top right to help us get the word out.

Video Promo Files

Audio Hold Message – Pre-recorded audio file promoting your localized walk to add to your phone hold recording, or use the included script to record your own. (scripts for all events included).


For any questions related to the promotion of our events or about the above content or process, please contact Madelyn at [email protected]


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